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At Tune Up Plus, we take pride in offering the best customer experience to Chesapeake, VA, Norfolk, VA and Virginia Beach, VA. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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Tune Up Plus
Brought my car in for a reinspection. Failed at another shop for tires. Justin found multiple safety items including strut and ball joints that were extremely defective that another shop missed. Justin showed me everything with the inspector. Was treated like a friend and felt very good about getting work done with those guys. Can't believe those things were missed at a dealership. Got my car fixed and now feel safe to put my son in it for college. Thanks guys. I'll be back for everything!
Tune Up Plus
The manager and the young man that worked on my car were excellent. They took the time to explain and show me things about my car, especially as an older beater, to help keep it going. He explained the benefits of services and the downfalls I could encounter should I wait too long. He offered recommendations on service times. Thank you for not treating me like another woman with a car problem!
Tune Up Plus
The technician at Tune Up Plus was very professional, kind, and knowledgeable. The service that my son and I received was excellent. He was able to explain the mechanical situation of my son's vehicle to us in a way that covered all bases and eased my worries � he was straight and to the point. We were confident that we were getting the best service possible and we are very satisfied with the results. I have now found our new mechanic shop for any future repairs and service and will gladly refer all my friends and family. Thanks for all of your help.
Showing 41-43 of 43 reviews
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